A Happy New Year to you (it really has to be better than 2020)! Last month, just before Christmas I recorded a podcast interview with Mark Nichols (formerly of the British Open University and now back working in New Zealand as Executive Director of the Open Polytechnic) for his series titled: Leaders and Legends of Online Learning. Now, I'm flattered to think that someone might think of me as a 'legend' but it was great fun to talk about my greatest passion in life: learning. 

Mark asked me several deep and searching questions about my views of education, particularly around technology supported learning and online learning during the pandemic. We covered a lot of ground,  some of it contentious, and listening back, I'm quite amazed at how much we crammed into 30 minutes of conversations. There is a treasure trove of other recordings and interviews with legends of online learning on the website which is available at this link (I'm number 52 in the series). 

You can follow the podcast series on Twitter with @legends_online

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