The future of universities #EDENchat

Universities have never been under so much pressure. The unfavourable global economic climate has impacted as severely on our higher education institutions as it has in every other sector of society. Years of financial turbulence have prompted cuts, cuts and more cuts. Adverse media coverage coupled with hostile political pressures have put many of our universities in jeopardy. Rises in student tuition fees have placed universities in danger of closure in South Africa, United States, and elsewhere. Many are wondering what the future holds for higher education, and with so many graduates unemployed, who can blame them?

The next #EDENchat will discuss whether and how universities can innovate and change to survive in this century. Are traditional universities anachronistic in the digital age? Do students still need to attend campus, or can they learn at a distance? Is the predominant style of teaching at universities still the lecture, or are other methods coming to prominence? What role will research play in the future of universities? Are the newer, mega-universities better placed to cope with global changes, and will they threaten the traditional campus based universities? What will universities need to do to survive and thrive in the coming years?

Join us tomorrow on Twitter at 1900 BST (2000 CET) for a lively discussion on the future of the university.

Photo courtesy of Brunel University on Flickr

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