It's complicated

During my recent tour of Australia, I spent a day working with University of Southern Queensland staff on the Toowoomba campus. While I was there I did several presentations and workshops, and also recorded an interview 'on the sofa' with Director of Learning Facilities, Associate Professor Mike Sankey. We discussed the evolution of social media in higher education and also how institutional virtual learning environments (learning management systems) are being developed to cope with new demands of new learners. In higher education we are dealing with an entirely new generation of learners who arrive with several personal digital tools, and expectations that may differ from the intentions of the institution. How do we reconcile these differences?

During the discussion we touched on several key issues that influence this, including digital pedagogy, personal devices, games based learning, interaction and immediacy in online environments, augmented reality, and the use of e-portfolios. We concluded by discussing the merits of personalised learning environments and how to promote change and innovation in traditional education contexts. It's not easy integrating technology into education. It's complicated. A number of factors need to be considered, including the motivations and needs of our students. I think this discussion highlights many of these factors and reveals some of the complexities of technology supported learning in higher education. Here's the video:

Photo by Steve Wheeler

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