Storytelling with technology

It's important we listen to the student voice - educators are foolish if they don't. What students say can and often does inform our professional practice. I've written about this in previous blogs, and have also put this principle into action by incorporating student voice into many of my own public presentations.

On several occasions I have also invited my students to join me on stage to present their views. Recently I said goodbye to another year group of my primary education students who will be teaching in their own classrooms come September. They were a particularly talented and insightful group of young people, and I learnt a great deal through teaching them for three years as they developed their teaching skills. Before they left the university for the last time, I persuaded three - Kate, Becca and Ryan - to speak out one more time about their views on technology supported learning. Building on a previous post about narrative education, I asked them to focus specifically on the question of how they use technology for story telling. Here's the short video of the interviews - there are some great ideas for all teachers here:

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Char Paul said…
It's interesting how inclusion of social media is helping students to cross-link material with real world experience. Forgot where I read about it. Journaling online via a blog is a wonderful idea, such fun! with virtual glitter

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