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My keynote presentation at Solstice 2016 (hosted by Edge Hill University, England) featured numerous narrative devices and storytelling tools. In particular, I built upon my recent blog series on narrative pedagogies, including a discussion around the use of literary devices in the classroom.

These included the use of Chekhov's Gun, (which also featured a dangerous illusion at the end of the presentation as a demonstration of the principle), interrupted routine and red herrings.

There were discussions around blogging, animations and social media tools and their use in education. You can see the slides from the presentation here, and you can also download freely via my Slideshare account.

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Amy said…
Hey Steve ! In my opinion, animation can be great tool for digital storytelling. With well designed animations, you can easily make your concepts and ideas clear to your listeners and learners. They can also be used in learning and educational purposes.Teachers can use those animated clips to explain complex topics and subjects like chemical bonding, heat transfer, electricity, cell biology etc.It will bring a whole new experience for learners and I guess it won't be boring too.
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks for your comment Amy. In my keynote presentation I showed a video I made with three of my students - one said exactly the same thing and gave examples of how they had used animation to tell the story of the water cycle. I will share the video next week when I can.
Anonymous said…
Agreed - you can break a process down into exactly the same parts an animation has.

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