Streaming learning events

We broadcast our first live learning event yesterday, where our third year students listened to a talk by innovative school leader Dave Strudwick. We are live streaming all of the keynote lectures for the next few weeks for our Visions and Values module - with a focus on educational philosophy, theory and practice.

The video of Dave's presentation is below, with much thanks to the digital wizardry of technical manager Benji Rogers and his team, who made sure the live feed went out on the web as well as recording it for posterity.

The next lecture in the series will be tomorrow, at 1600 BST (GMT +1) when our speakers will be Kelly Davis (One size fits all - or does it?) and Miles Opie (The Finland question - an analysis of the Finnish education system). The YouTube link for tomorrow's learning event is here. The entire schedule of learning events over the next few weeks is at this link.

Dave Strudwick's talk was well received, not least because he challenged us all to examine our motives and inspirations as teachers, and to reflect on what had shaped our identities as educators. He showed examples of how his own school, Plymouth School of Creative Arts, harnesses the power of new technologies, and also creates a child centred culture for learning within its studios and learning spaces. The Red House, situated near to the international ferry port in the dockside area of Plymouth is a must for teachers to visit if they wish to see innovation in action. There is much to ponder in this thoughtful and insightful presentation.

Photo by Steve Wheeler

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