#LearningIs connected

Learning in the digital age means being connected. True, many people in the world are still unconnected, but with mobile phones subscriptions rising exponentially, more people now have access to digital content than ever before. Being connected has many dimensions. Students are connected to digital content through a variety of tools and technologies, increasingly through devices that are personally owned. Students are connected to each other through social media and networks. Students are connected to their teachers through similar means. And students are connected to tools that enabled them to discover new content, to collate and curate it, to repurpose/remix it and to share it within their communities of practice.

Being connected has given rise to an array of new learning opportunities including MOOCs, blended learning and flipped classes. What would learning be like without these connections? Learning would still continue, but probably with less interaction, collaboration and certainly less immediacy than is possible with connections. It is this triumvirate of affordances that make learning in the digital age so different from anything that has gone before.

Photo by Jake Stimpson on Flickr

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