#EDENchat: Which personal technologies?

This week #EDENchat will feature a discussion on how we use personal technologies for learning. There are many personal technologies available, including smart phones, e-books and e-readers, games consoles and laptop computers. All of these tools are used mainly for informal learning and other activities unrelated to education. Where they can be harnessed for formal education, what are the main issues and challenges? How can teachers incorporate the potential of personal technologies into formal learning, whether in the classroom or at a distance? How does mobile computing and ubiquitous connectivity influence education? What is the potential to transform education through these personal, mobile tools? All of these questions will feature in the #EDENchat discussion which takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, at 20.00 GMT.

As usual, the EDEN team will also Storify the chat as a digital archive, and previous chat archives can be found at this site. Please join us to discuss your use of personal technologies in education, either as a teacher or as a student.

Photo by Intel Freepress on Flickr

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