You are what you tweet

One of the topics we discussed at our social media panel session at the BETT Show 2016 was its dangers and pitfalls. I spoke about how some students, teachers - and indeed any professional - risk coming unstuck when they post content that has the potential to come back and bite them. It can take a lifetime to establish a reputation, and only seconds to lose it completely.

I related the story of a student with a protected Twitter account, who felt it was acceptable to post disparaging tweets about his lecturers and university. He also resorted to abusive language when other students challenged him. Although very few people could see his tweets, he did manage to offend two other students, who captured screen shots of his activity. This evidence was shown to academic staff and he was in trouble.

My advice to all present at the panel session was, if only one person sees what you write on social media, it's public. So be careful what you post or share on social media. Once you tap the enter key, it's out there for others to see, and your reputation rests on what you have posted. Take care. You are what you tweet.

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Mr Milne said…
I worked with a teacher who posted an inappropriate comment online about her employers. She was escorted from the building and never seen again.
Steve Wheeler said…
One of many such incidents no doubt
Steve Philp said…
I've tweeted nothing for 6 months. I suppose that makes me worthless. Or by posting this does it make me cynical? Or by questioning my initial sentiment does that make me reflective? My comment is now longer thatn a tweet so it's mainly irrelevant.
Steve Wheeler said…
I assume you're being serious, so read the post again Steve. It's not about disengagement or perceptions of personal worth, or about the length of a pos. Rather, it's about what happens if the tools are misused and compromising comments are posted (the title is a throw away). These are the issues I will be discussing with my students next week when I launch my new module on digital reputation. I'll let you know how I get on!

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