How free is open? #EDENchat

Today at 8pm GMT, the second #EDENchat of 2016 will be live on Twitter. Follow the hashtag and join in the chat as we discuss issues around open learning and open scholarship. Questions will include:

1) Your own experiences of being an open scholar. What have been the benefits to you of being open, and of freely sharing your content, experiences and ideas? And conversely, what have been the pitfalls?

2) Can we be too open as scholars? Is there a line that could be crossed where we are 'too free' in sharing our ideas and content? What about scholars who don't wish to share their content or ideas - what are their reasons for holding onto and protecting their content? Are they right or wrong?

3) How are MOOCs and other massive open study opportunities changing or influencing out thinking as educators? Should we all jump on the bandwagon and create open online programmes of study, or should we stand back and watch to see how the movement develops? Are we in danger of being left behind if our organisation/institution is not involved in MOOCs?

4) Is open content truly 'free'? What can we learn from the open and free social media tools we use? Do we ourselves become the 'product' of those tools? Do we pay indirectly by giving away our information, is this leveraged to make money through advertising clicks, and do we become assets and commodities of the companies that run the social media services?

5) What are the ethical implications of MOOCs and other massive open courses? What becomes of the data - especially personal information - that is captured on MOOC platforms? Where does it go, and how is it used by the organisations that capture it? Is it used ethically, and how can we be sure?

6) What will be the future of 'free' and open content? Do MOOCs and other massive online courses actually provide an alternative to formal education, or are they a passing fad? Will the future of education reside within the walls of the universities and colleges, or will it be largely online learning? Or will both sit happily alongside each other?

7) Are closed journals sustainable and are open access journals the future? Should publicly funded research be freely available or shut behind pay walls? Are publishers justified in charging fees for the academic community to access research? What are the best business models for pay-to-read research?

These are some of questions that we might explore, but of course we will not be limited to them. They are merely a springboard from which we can develop a lively and thought provoking discussion. The more people that join us tonight, the more we will learn from each other. Remember - together, all of us will learn more than we will learn on our own.

Photo by Hernan Pinera on Flickr

Previous #EDENchat sessions are archived here.

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