Twisted Pair #twistedpair

Are you up for another blogging challenge? If you accept this challenge, it should encourage you to write creatively, and you'll end up sharing a new idea with a large audience.

It's happened before: you might remember the #blimage and #blideo challenges from the summer. The first was a challenge where you were sent an image to inspire you to write about learning. The second was the same idea, but with a video.

Many of those who participated said it caused them to think more deeply and creatively about how they teach or learn. Some remarked that they had discovered new bloggers they didn't know existed, and many reported that their blog traffic had increased significantly. It was a win-win for everyone who took part.

So here's my idea. It's called twisted pair. After my post from yesterday about how Socrates and Julie Andrews (a strange pairing indeed) influenced my teaching, I got to wondering. Are there any other strange (twisted) pairs that would inspire people to write thoughtful blog posts on education and learning? Well, if anyone is up for this challenge, here are a few very strange pairings to get you going. I bet you can think of loads more.

Batman and John Dewey
Michaelangelo and you
Paulo Freire and the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Eddie Izzard and Pavlov's dogs
Jack Sparrow and Nelson Mandela
Pablo Picasso and Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Micky Mouse and Adolf Hitler
Han Solo and Queen Elizabeth I
William Shakespeare and Buzz Lightyear
Marshall MacLuhan and Madonna
Tarzan and Jean Piaget
Paddington Bear and Barack Obama
Jean Jacques Rousseau and the Easter Bunny
Walt Disney and the Grim Reaper
Sir Winston Churchill and the entire cast of Frozen
Doctor Who and Snoopy
Jack Bauer and the Teletubbies
Mr Spock and Margaret Thatcher

Go on - I dare you. Choose a strange pairing from above (or make up one of your own, the weirder the better). Let your imagination run wild, go very slightly unhinged and dig deep into your knowledge of those characters. Some of the connections may be tenuous. That's part of the fun.  Come up with an inspirational, satirical or thought provoking blog post about teaching and learning. Share it and include the tag #twistedpair. Don't forget to also challenge at least three other people. I'm gathering responses together on this page so they are all together in one place. Up for the challenge? So, let's twist again, like we did last summer...

Photo by Baran Ivo on Wikimedia Commons

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