Uneducation of a technologist #eden15

Once in a while you meet someone who inspires you to think more deeply. Jim Groom is one such person. He is anarchic, subversive, the original EDUPUNK (it was Jim who coined the phrase and insists on it being written in upper case) and he constantly challenges the status quo of education. He has redefined what it means to learn online with groundbreaking initiatives such as the open course ds106. As a part of the run-up to EDEN's annual summer conference in Barcelona, I was invited to interview him. Jim and I had previously interacted only on Twitter and other social media so to put some questions to him directly was hugely enjoyable, and he gave me his fairly unique take on the world. And so it was with even greater pleasure and a lot of anticipation that I finally met him in the same physical space in June 2015, where he gave a keynote speech at the EDEN conference in Barcelona entitled 'The Uneducation of the Technologist'. I live blogged during his keynote speech and met him afterwards for a chat in the EDEN studio. Below is the video interview we recorded:

Video produced by the European Distance and Elearning Network

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