The #blimage list

The #blimage challenge was started as a bit of fun between Amy Burvall and I. We started it on July 18th and it has been growing steadily ever since with many of our friends and colleagues participating. 

The challenge is this: Send an image to friends in your personal learning network and ask them to write a learning related blog post about it. They then challenge their friends with an image of their choice. All the posts are labelled with the hashtag #blimage (blog-image) so they can be easily discovered and aggregated. 

Since the start of activities, the following posts and other artefacts related to #blimage have been posted. Several are destined to become classics of educational blogging.

This list of posts will grow, so if you know of any that are missing, please let me know via the comments box at the foot of this post. Also, if there are any *notable names* missing from this list, please challenge them to participate! Oh, and if you need an image, there's one here to get you started.

#blimage Resources

Amy Burvall's YouTube video explaining #blimage
Simon Ensor's #blimage Pinterest Board
Simon Ensor's #blimage Flipboard

The #blimage blog posts

Mags Amond – #blimage challenge accepted

Maha Bali – Rethinking puzzles: A post-modernist view
James Ballard – My #blimage challenge
Noami Barnes – Messiness of research
Wayne Barry – Learning in limbo
Sue Beckingham – Buck the status quo
Sue Beckingham – Learning anytime, anywhere, any social space
Sue Beckingham – Fortunate learning and learning fortunes
Alex Bellars – #blimage - let's go outside and play!
Jasper Bloemsma – #blimageNL (Dutch)
Florina Blokland – Wat te doen (Dutch)
Helen Blunden – I see desk people
Chris Boon – The #blimage challenge
Jaap Bosman – Black swans, gnomes and Charles Peirce
Karen Bowden – Where do you learn? The #blimage challenge
Jane Bozarth – The #Blimage Challenge
Mark Britz – Embraceable Me
Karin Brown – Brain etchings
Amy Burvall – Drawing on the Desk: Clues about Personalized and Visual Learning
Amy Burvall – Breaking bread with Steve Wheeler
Amy Burvall – #blimage 1 week anniversary

Rachel Challen – Not just a waiting room
Catherine Cronin – Alone and Together, Moving and Learning
Helen Crump – Literacy: Not a desk job but an identity job
Ada Czerwonogora – Un tiro en el blanco (Spanish)

Aaron Davis – Building on the past
J.P. Davies – If you like school ... you'll love work
Maren Deepwell – Fictional learning places #blimage
Adrienne de Kock – Airports, legal papers, cultures and arts (Dutch)
HJ DeWaard – Stories and spaces within a #blimage challenge
Phil Denman – Everything is Not Awesome
@debsnet – Viva la boredom?
@debsnet – Spider-web connectivity: Technology for networked learning
Juan Domingo – Las dos caras de la #blimage! (Spanish)
Juan Domingo – #blimage-2 Cuando learning y aprender, no siempre es lo mismo! (Spanish)
Karin Donkers – Rood de kleur van... (Dutch)
Stephen Downes – The #blimage challenge spreads
Frans Droog – Een uitdaging! (Dutch)
Frans Droog – De #blimageNL lijst (Dutch)
Frans Droog – De coach en zijn pupil #blimageNL (Dutch)
Frans Droog – Smoezenbingo (Dutch)
Frans Droog – Wanting to know about black swans #blimage #blimageNL
Robert Drummond – #blimage Seating
Karen DW – #blimage Blank pages

Matt Estermann – A part of a greater holonomy
Terry Elliott – #blimage: A game, an image of learning, a challenge
Simon Ensor – Let them eat (binned) cake
Simon Ensor –  Puzzling memory loss
Simon Ensor – A bridge too low
Simon Ensor – Nature, nurture, network

Jan Fasen – Een stuur met teveel toeters en bellen #blimageNL (Dutch)
Bex Ferriday – #blimage No.1: Apt considering the weather we've been having
Bex Ferriday – Just when you thought it was safe...
Simon Finch – Human Writes
Sharon Flynn – Summer Holidays
Terry Freedman – A message for posterity
Terry Freedman – The writing machine (patent pending)

Tim Geers - #blimageNL (Dutch)
Taruna Goel – Learning is A-Mazing!
Kate Graham – Learning the rules #blimage
Neena Grosvenor – My first #blimage

Enoch Hale – Chalkboard
Enoch Hale – Spelunking education
Enoch Hale – #blimage challenge - Bow tie as content
Jane Hart – The joy of learning #blimage
Martin Hawksey – Forking #blimage and sharing a bit of #vidage
Katherine Haxton – Can’t see the wood for the trees!
Christa Hazell – #blimage
Josie Holford – The efflorescence of learning
Joise Holford –  Crikey! It's #blimage
Sarah Honeychurch – A puzzle
Sarah Honeychurch – Learning technology cats
David Hopkins – Surfer Dude vs. Shark!
David Hopkins – Desks of Doom
David Hopkins – Square peg, round hole
David Hopkins – Life's a beach
Denise Hudson-Lawson – The #blimage list: playing catch-up

Andrew Jacobs – Organic Growth
Sandra Jantjes – Kuikentje (Dutch)
Charles Jennings – The #blimage challenge
Kathrine Jensen – Perspectives and movements in learning landscapes #blimage
Phil Jewitt – Judging books by covers
Rachel Jones – #blimage challenge

Helen Kara – Data
Helen Kara – Positive disruption practice
David Kelly – Learning Fortunes
Whitney Kilgore – The Web: Network, dreamcatcher, patterns #blimage
Martin King – #blimage 'Back to the Future' The network is out of the bottle again
Erwin Klaasse – #rozeistochmooeir (Dutch)
Theo Kuchel – Established 1658
Caroline Kuhn – Learning in the wild and open, like skywhales - #blimage

Simon Lancaster – #blimage challenge
Alan Levine – I'm just jealous #blimage is a thing
Mary Loftus – Getting bogged #blimage
Claire Lotriet – Darth Vader, flow and learning
Stephanie Loomis – You can go your own way, but...

Teresa MacKinnon – Of eggs and baskets #blimage
Colin Madland – The #blimage challenge
Juf Malka – Waar mijn hart sneller van gaat kloppen in de klas #blimageNL (Dutch)
Hayley Maisey – Pencil shavings, bruised fingertips and four holed buttons
Connie Malamed – Fortune Cookies For eLearning Designers
Richard Martin – Palimpsest
Sheila MacNeill – What Sheila's seen this week #blimage
Juf Margot – Niet overlaten aan halfdronken docenten en toevallig luisterende barmannen (Dutch)
Jeff Merrell – Space to make ideas your own
Ajo Monzó – #blimage (català) Les dues cares del viure a la ciutat invisible (Catalan)

Chrissie Nerantzi – #blimage response and new visual triggers
Nine Lanterns – My #blimage challenge - Learning trees

Pam O'Brien – Take joy in learning #blimage
Rachel Orr – #blimage FlOORed! Educational patience, self-control and perseverance

Christopher Pappas – Just use your blimagination
Tracy Parish – Learning While Wandering
Sukhvinder Pabial – Time for a fresh perspective?
Michelle Parry-Slater – Is the Learning Landscape Desserted?
Brayley Pearce – apple for teacher
Stephen Powell – In response to Chrissie's 3 plus one #blimage challenge

Clark Quinn – A Nurturing Culture

George Roberts – Getting away with it
Ann-Louise Robertson – The #blimage challenge
David Rogers – Bridging the chasm - collaboration in schools with real people #blimage
Angela Rees – #blimage
Damian Rentoule – A wooden brain
Michele Ricci – #blimageIT challenge (Italian)
Laura Ritchie – Reflections: My learning wall 
Dan Ryder – #blimage The fine line between painful tradition and transformational vintage

Roberto Schonocchini – Una sfida educativa a colpi di immagini (Italian)
Sylvia Schouwenaars – De fotograaf (Dutch)
Tim Scott – Learning enjoyment
Nick Shackleton-Jones – Picture this
Kay Sidebottom – Jumping on the #blimage band-wagon
Sandra Sinfield – It's only a puzzle... it's a system
Jeroen Smits Geen – #icebucket, wel de #blimage challenge (Dutch)
Susan Spekschoor – Home is where I am with my family #blimage (Dutch)
Andrea Stringer – See think wonder
John Stoszkowski – No such thing as a stupid idea

Wendy Taleo – Lest we forget, it started with a tweet #blimage
Donald H Taylor – Memory is more than Ebbinghaus
Sharon Tipton – #blimage challenge! Game on!
Sharon Tipton – Why is learning so complicated?

Jannie van Maldegen – Rups (Dutch)
Judith van Hooijdonk – De bloemen van Zuyd (Dutch)
Tessa van Zadelhoff – Over oude busjes en het verbreden van je horizon (Dutch)
Sandra Verburggen – Rups wordt vlinder, het onderwijs (Dutch)

Simon Warren – Going against the groove with a groovy beat - a #blimage story
Hartger Wassink – Een leeg schoolplein #blimageNL (Dutch)
Susan Watson – #blimage: A game, an image of learning, a challenge
Britt Watwood – #blimage challenge - the rock arch
Britt Watwood – A dam #blimage challenge
Britt Watwood – A layered blimage challenge
Sheridan Webb – Under constant surveillance
Steve Wheeler – Blimey, it's #blimage!
Steve Wheeler – Piece by piece
Steve Wheeler – Off the rails?
Steve Wheeler – Playing chess with the enemy
Steve Wheeler – A lot of balls
Steve Wheeler – Over the handlebars
Phil Willcox – Work in progress
Karin Winters – #blimage: Van de rups en de vlinder (Dutch)
Anna Wood – The colours of active learning
Kandy Woodfield – Persistence and learning #blimage

Photograph by Steve Wheeler

The #blimage list by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Jess1ecat said…
Steve, mine is here :
Simon Ensor said…
Lots missing - a few examples
Maha Bali
Wayne Barry
Simon Ensor
Sara Honeychurch
Whitney Kilgore
Sandra Sinfield
Susan Watson
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks Simon - will seek and add :)
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks Jess - will add asap!
Simon Ensor said…
2 more of mine
Rachel Challen said…
Mine! :)
Helen Crump said…
I seem to have slipped the net too
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks Rachel - added this afternoon - great post btw!
Steve Wheeler said…
Added this afternoon Helen. Great post - I love Beamish Museum - may pay a visit there next week when I'm up in the North East :)
Neena said…
Mine is missing too! Great challenge by the way!
Neena said…
Forgot to add the link:
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks Neena - you are added to the list!
Taruna Goel said…
Thanks Steve for this amazing challenge. What a great collection of posts from the learning community.
Here's take on the #blimage challenge "Learning is A-Mazing"

Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks for taking part Taruna - your link has been added! Pass the word :)
Hayley Maisey said…
Mine is missing :(
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks for taking part Hayley. I added your post to the list today.
Terry Freedman said…
Hi, any chance you could change the title of mine to "A message for Posterity" please? Also, I've cross-posted it here: and I've written a new one here: Hope you like! Cheers
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks Terry - added tonight
Connie Malamed said…
How am I ever going to get any work done? Now I want to read all the responses to the #blimage challenge.
Crystal Hopper said…
How do I join in?
Steve Wheeler said…
I know, I know. It's a tough life.
Laura Ritchie said…
and one from me :)
Steve Wheeler said…
Added to the list Laura - I must admit I missed it because it doesn't refer explicitly to the blimage challenge nor does it have the #blimage hashtag attached to it. Or am I missing something somewhere?
Caroline Kuhn said…
My #blimage is missing from the list. I am after.Catherin cronin as she challanged me : )
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks for letting me know Caroline - all you need to do is post the URL and I will add it to the list. Cheers.
Laura Ritchie said…
tagged now! one of those 'forgot to press enter' moments... thanks! :)
Steve Wheeler said…
Cheers - nice post btw :)
Here is my #blimage:

Pondering the #twistedpair now.
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks Stephanie - added your link to the list

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