#EDENChat returns

Last year, as the newly elected chair of EDEN's Network of Academics and Professionals, I launched a new Twitter chat called #EDENChat. It ran for ten sessions lasting an hour each, over a period of several months, and we discussed a wide range of subjects such as the future of distance education, embedding technology into education and digital literacies. The sessions were moderated my NAP committee members, and were open for anyone to participate and engage in discussion. An archive of all ten previous #EDENChats has been created on Storify and can be found here.

It's our wish to continue this dialogue and develop #EDENChat, so as of tomorrow, it will return, and in the run up to the EDEN summer conference Expanding Learning Scenarios (our 20th Anniversary, in Barcelona), we will discuss some of the themes of the event, culminating in several live chats direct from the conference itself. Watch this space for further announcements about those, but for now, here's the schedule:

April 8: Openness in education: What does it mean to you? (20.00 CET)
April 22: What is the impact of mobile learning? (20.00 CET)
May 6: MOOCs and online learning: How will they shape the future of education? (20.00 CET)
May 20: What are your experiences of personal learning? (20.00 CET)
June 10: Live from the EDEN Barcelona Conference (various times to be announced)
June 11: Live from the EDEN Barcelona Conference (various times to be announced)
June 17: What next for EDEN? (Post conference discussion) (20.00 CET)

All times are in Central European time (one hour ahead of British Summer Time BST). Other dates will be announced for the remainder of 2015 in due course.

Please join us for an hour of informal discussion on the above topics, and do share this news with anyone you think might be interested! We look forward to hearing your views on #EDENChat!

Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

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