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I thought it was about time that I published a new book. It's been about five or six years since my last volumes were out on display in the book stores. But what to write? I had been thinking for a while about the potential to create a book based on some of my more substantive blog posts, and so it was a serendipitous moment when I was approached by a publisher after one of my keynotes earlier this year. Subsequent meetings and conversations with Crown House allowed me to hammer out a book outline and then I got down to work over the summer break, selecting the posts, sequencing them and then writing the narrative and commentary around them. I also decided to include some of the conversations I have had around these posts, both from my blog and also on Twitter, thereby adding an element of interactivity. You will probably recognise many of those who get a mention, and you may even get a mention yourself! I'm very pleased with the result (and even the slightly trippy cover art), and I'm pleased to announce that Learning with 'e's is due to be published in early January, in time for book signings at the BETT Show and the Learning Technologies conference in London. I also have other book signings scheduled throughout the year in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as farther afield in cities outside the UK including Madrid, Istanbul, Riyadh and Brisbane.

Learning with 'e's is about educational theory and practice. It focuses on new and emerging theories of learning and pedagogy in the digital age, as well as a critical retrospective on some of the older, more established theories. It also looks to the future. There are fourteen chapters with headings such as 'The shape of minds to come,' 'Rebooting learning', 'A 21st Century Curriculum' and 'Global educators', and you can imagine that it's going to upset some of the traditionalists and delight the progressives. I don't expect everyone to agree with my ideas, but I have tried and tested all of the methods I highlight in the book and they have worked well for my students. To cap it all, I managed to persuade celebrated author and speaker (and former head teacher) Richard Gerver to write the foreword, which was quite a scoop. I'm very much looking forward to seeing its publication in 2015, and to meeting as many readers as possible during book signings, keynote speeches and workshops. You can order Learning with 'e's here on Amazon, and yes, there is also a Kindle version.

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Mihai_Jalobeanu said…
Congratullation, Steeve! I'm waiting for your book!
Emine Demiray said…
Greate and excellent study I congrulate you Steve

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