Richly social and intensely personal

Being invited to present the closing keynote speech at CSEDU in Barcelona was a great honour. CSEDU is the annual Computer Supported Education Conference which is now in its sixth year. My presentation was entitled 'the changing face of digital learning' and I'm told it will be published shortly as a video by the CSEDU folks. Thankfully, the ace live blogger Nick Falkner was also present to capture the essence of my own keynote speech, and a number of other presentations and was posting them complete with illustrations and hyperlinks within seconds of the close of each session. This was a very impressive feat and they are all great reading.

One of the key points I made in my keynote was that the future of education will be both richly social and intensely personal. This might sound like a paradox, but essentially, with all the digital tools we now have at our disposal, we can connect like never before, and create our own powerful social networks. Simultaneously, we can manipulate the tools we have at our disposal to create our own individual learning pathways, select our own personal preferences, and devise our own collections of resources. What's more, we can do all this by using a small device that fits in the palm of our hands. In other words, the future of learning is going to be smart mobile. As I promised to my Barcelona audience, here is the slide deck, complete with just one or two minor updates and changes.

Photo by Steve Wheeler

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Anonymous said…
One of my WikiSqolars is doing "the iPhone as the post-modern University" glad you've caught up
Steve Wheeler said…
Thanks for the link Fred - read it and immediately thought of 'visual flaneurie' :)
Mitchell Lane said…
First off congrats on being asked to give the keynote! And second, I could not agree more with your main point that the future education will be "both richly social and intensely personal." The great thing about this is that it will allow the best of both worlds to both teachers and students. It will allow each one to choose his or her own goals and the paths that they will take to get there. Great post and congratulations again!

Mitchell Lane

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