How will we learn tomorrow?

I had a very interesting year in 2013. My work was varied, travelling was extensive, and I met and talked with a lot of very interesting people. In May 2013, between keynote presentations in Ljubljana, Las Vegas and Doha, I found myself sitting in front of cameras in a West London hotel, giving an interview to a French TV crew. They asked me to respond to several questions as a part of a series on the future of learning, including: How will we learn tomorrow? How will distance education evolve? and What will be the impact on people and companies?

One of the best questions I fielded was 'How have learning methods evolved over the past 10 years? It was great to answer, because I have tracked the learning technology trends over the last decade, and have come to the conclusion that mobile (smart) phones and social media, in combination, have provided the world with the most dynamic, social and personal connections we could possibly wish for. It's also easier to talk about the past than the future, because if you've done your homework, you stand a far better chance of being right! The ways education, learning and development will harness these tools over the next few years will establish for some time how deeply they will reach into organisations, and how effectively we will develop our learning methods for some years to come.  We are living in interesting times, and there are many rich opportunities for us to grasp, if we have the courage and convictions. Here, below, is the final edited version of my TV interview. I hope you find it thought provoking and informative.


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