Disruptive education

Earlier today at the EDEN Annual Conference at the University of Oslo, I interviewed June Breivik. June, who is at the Norwegian Business School will be presenting a keynote speech tomorrow at the event on 'Disruptive Education.' She has some strong views on how education needs to be changed, and believes that disruption is necessary to challenge the current paradigms of teaching in higher education. She sees the teacher role changing, and argues that technology is a driving force in that change. She is not technologically deterministic, but sees specific technologies - social media tools such as blogging and Twitter - as a means of liberating learners (and their teachers) into a new way of creative communication, and a new means of representing knowledge. June feels that students should take centre stage in the learning process and that teachers should cede the 'power over the learner' they have held for so long. She takes a positive view on the idea of the Flipped Classroom, and she also practices it in her own professional context. It is refreshing to know that June believes in walking the talk. The brief video interview below provides a fascinating primer for what she will present to the EDEN delegates tomorrow morning here in Oslo.

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