An interview with Michael G Moore

I agreed to do a series of video interviews with notable scholars at the Annual EDEN Conference in Oslo earlier this month, and I was really spoilt for choice. There were so many prominent distance education and e-learning practitioners and theorists in attendance, it was a little difficult to know where to start. I managed to get Professor Michael G Moore (formerly of Madison-Wisconsin and Penn State Universities) to sit down and have a chat with me about his life in distance education, the history of the subject and his own experiences as a learner. In first met Michael at a conference in Ankara, Turkey in 1998, and our paths have crossed many times since. He is well known as one of the pioneers of distance education, one of the original team of academic consultants working with the British government to establish the Open University in the 1960s, and latterly, as the long serving founding editor of the American Journal of Distance Education. He is also credited with the theory of transactional distance, which has influenced many studies and publications on the topic over the last 30 years. Michael is quite simply an icon of distance education, and it is worth sitting for a few minutes and hearing what he has to say. Here's the video:

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