ALT-C 2011 retrospective

The ALT-C conference held at Leeds University this September was memorable for a number of reasons. Many of these are compiled into a very readable account in this month's ALT Online Newsletter by Julie Voce, who is also co-chair for ALT-C 2012 Manchester. Julie has done an excellent job capturing the essence and the highlights of the conference, which includes blogged summaries of all the keynote speeches, James Clay's successful ALT-C Live Beta TV streaming experiment, the Learning Technologist of the Year awards (Plymouth University's own Oliver Quinlan was one of the winners this year), and high profile paper sessions, all embellished by evocative images from the conference. It's a must read if you were a delegate and wish to revisit those few days in Yorkshire, but also take a look if you are contemplating attending next year's event.

Image by ALT

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