Creative learning

I took some risks today during a workshop I gave at Plymouth University. The workshop was all about creativity and how we can tap into imagination in learning contexts. I tried out several things I had not attempted before in workshops, but that was the idea - often, creativity requires some kind of risk. 

The Your Idea, Our Health event was a health related conference, so there were lots of delegates of the nursing and midwifery persuasion in attendance. My session was a two part session, with a Devon cream tea intervening, and incredibly, almost everyone came back for part 2 - so I guess I was doing something right and the risks were paying off. I revisited the concepts I wrote about in my last blogpost, including the idea that creativity takes a lot of time before any eureka moment is achieved. The workshop was lively with plenty of activity and discussion, and participants were encouraged to write on the paper tablecloths, circulating every so often so that others could read each others' comments, questions, ideas and graffiti. Below is the slideshow, with a few annotations for clarity (...and to my workshop participants - yes, I did write this post in about 5 minutes)

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