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I don't normally enjoy working over a weekend, but I'm looking forward to this one. Saltash.Net School, one of the premier technology early adopter schools in the United Kingdom is holding its annual staff conference down on the north coast of Cornwall this Friday and Saturday, and its Deputy Head Dan Roberts, has managed to get hold of some exceptional speakers for the event. Both 'slum-dog Professor' Sugata Mitra and Afghanistan war hero and double amputee Ben McBean will give keynote speeches on Friday evening, after which there will be a question and answer session, with invited panellists Stuart Ball (Microsoft Education), the blogger and journalist Merlin John, and yours truly.

The following morning, it will be my turn to speak, and I will be providing a keynote entitled: 'Teachers and Technology: The Big Picture' in which I will talk about how teachers can harness the power of new and emerging technology to inspire and engage learners. I will post my slides up on my Slideshare site after the presentation. There will be workshops later in the day led by Dan Roberts and Stuart Ball on how to use Web 2.0 tools in teaching and learning, and the entire event will be searchable under the Twitter stream #saltash11. Much of the conference will also be live streamed at this site. Here is the list of people attending the conference. I'm looking foward to it.

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Vance Stevens said…
Dan Roberts and Stuart Ball on how to use Web 1.0 tools in teaching and learning? (must be a misprint ;-)
Steve Wheeler said…
Well spotted Vance. T'was a slip of the finger during typing, but I was there, and they definitely covered Web 2.0 tools! ;-)

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