User generated content is everywhere. Students are using social networking sites to post up their content, including text, images and links they would like to keep and share. In more formalised education settings, there is a proliferation in the use of wikis and other collaborative shared spaces. Blogs are kept by teachers and students alike to document and publish their personal and professional reflections. Podcasts and other pushed services are on the increase, particularly for recorded lectures, useful for thise who either couldn't attend a lesson, or who would like revisit what was said during the session.

The Concede Project (CONtent Creation Excellence through Dialogue in Education) is an EFQUEL supported and ERASMUS funded Europe wide project that is investigating the uses of user generated content in higher education, and seeks to discover who creates and uses this content. We are also interested in how we can benchmark the quality of such content. To that end we are currently engaged in gathering data from an online survey. If you are working or studying in HE and use any form of Web 2.0 or social software services, please consider completing this survey. It's currently presented in English, Spanish and Hungarian and usually takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.

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ssmith8 said…
Hi Steve I have really started to see the wave of content hit us as students, recently I have enjoyed using to share and collaborate my office docs to facebook.

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