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It's jolly decent of the IGI Global folks to promote my blog and academic profile right here on their home page. Several of my chapters have appeared in recent IGI books, and I'm getting some visitor traffic from their website direct to my blog now. They have an acceptable (won't scare the kids or evoke emetic responses) picture of me up on their site, and a nice resume of my academic activities. I would like to point out one thing however. My workplace - the University of Plymouth - is not located in the USA, it's in England.
When I went to the USA for a trip about 10 years ago, a young lad asked me where I was from. I said 'Plymouth.' 'Gee', he replied, 'is your home town named after the one we have in Minnesota?' 'Er...', I said, slightly nonplussed, 'I think Plymouth, England was first by one or two years...'
Look, if you're ever in my neighbourhood, I will take you to the very spot where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for the New World in the Mayflower in 1620. Well I would, if I was of the female variety. (It's no more than a mile away from where I'm sat typing this. It's in the ladies toilet of a Barbican pub about 30 metres back from the so called Mayflower Steps). The picture above is of the fake steps, which were put there to thrill the tourists. They can't possibly be the original steps, because back in the time of the Mayflower, the water was several metres back from where it is today. All that remains of the original steps (so I am told) is a flagstone on the floor of the ladies lavatory in the Admiral MacBride pub.
See? You get an education coming to this site! Oh, and by the way.... this is my 500th blogpost. Ain't I the busy one, huh?

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Stephen said…
Reminds me of a coffee/tea shop in Canterbury called Chambers (http://www.visitkent.co.uk/food-drink/thedms.asp?dms=13&p1=ec&venue=3031028) that pride themselves on being the 'birth place' of the Mayflower. Supposedly at that spot the voyage of the Mayflower was planned. True or not, just a way to excite US tourists and get their money.

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