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I've been working with Graham Attwell (@grahamattwell) Johannes Magenheim and Wolfgang Reinhardt (@wollepb) on a workshop proposal recently. It's a one day workshop on microblogging which we have called MicroECoP and we hope it will create a lot of interest. The workshop will take place on 24 September, during the IFIP World Computer Congress in Brisbane, Australia this September. We are currently assembling an impressive list of Twitterati who will serve as our advisory editorial board, and the call for papers is now open.

So, here's the deal. If you have any interest in Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr or any other online short messaging tool, please visit the site and then think about putting in a paper, demonstration or workshop for the event. It promises to be lively, informative and inspirational. The official hastag will be: #microecop. And of course, it will take place in the spectacular surrounds of beautiful Brisbane in the Australian springtime. We hope to see you there!

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serendipitynz said…
Would so love to join you in Oz Steve, but students come first, no break until October, hope we can catch up when you're in NZ.
Lindsay Jordan said…
Hmm... HE budget cuts being what they are... is there the potential to present sessions remotely? We've got some interesting stuff on using Twitter as a collaborative research tool but less than no chance of getting out to Oz! :-)
Steve Wheeler said…
Hi Lindsay. I'm sure there will be opportunities to present remotely. It's a computer conference after all ;-) I suggest that anyone interested in taking part should submit a paper for consideration and then we will sort out how people can participate in the event once we know the programme for the day.
Anna Grabowska said…
Steve, I will come and I would like to join the session. I am interested in using this tool for teaching English. My students are seniors sometimes over 70 :)

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