Eddie and me

Well, as you can see in the column on the right, my three nominations for best individual blog, best e-learning blog and most influential blog post in this year's Edublogger awards have been confirmed. This morning I posted up the new style badges that have been issued, and whatever the outcome of the voting, I will be able to keep them up there for ever. It's a very nice feeling to be honoured in this way by one's peers. I feel as though all the late nights and early mornings I spend thinking up and writing out these posts is worthwhile, because I have an audience that seems to appreciate what I do. It's great having comments back on posts, particularly if they either challenge or inform further. It's a great learning experience.

Earlier this month I posted up my 7 reasons for blogging. I received some great comments on that one. I do not count being nominated for awards as an eighth reason. That is simply a bonus and a nice surprise to me. A positive stroke that encourages me to keep going and blog some more. Whoever you vote for in this year's Edublogger Awards, I am sure you will bring encouragement to them and add to the value that blogs clearly bring to the learning process. If I win an Eddie, I will feel extremely honoured, but if I don't I will still feel very proud of the fact that at least 3 people have seen fit to nominate me in three separate categories. All the nominations can be found on the Edublogger Award website, including voting instructions. So, good luck to everyone who has been nominated in all the Edublogger Award categories!

Image source (Photo by James Clay taken at 2009 Plymouth e-Learning Conference)


Congratulations on your nominations- and good luck to you!

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