It’s Personal: Learning Spaces, Learning Webs

My slides for the upcoming PLE/PLN Online Symposium hosted by the University of Manitoba are now available for viewing above. In 'It's Personal: Learning Spaces, Learning Webs', I attempt to compare and contrast a number of learning philosophies, and define some of the (un)boundaries of informal and self organised learning - the fertile ground within which personal learning approaches flourish. Above is the scary baby from the cover slide: I will present this slide show with live commentary on Thursday from the Cork Institute of Technology over the Elluminate platform. I'm looking forward to hearing comments from those who are interested in this fascinating area of learning development.


jmarrapodi said…
Wow! Superb presentation of the concepts. Thanks for posting it!
Gurmit said…
Hi Steve

Thanks for the presentation.
I am taking George & Stephen's CC09 class and learning about connectivism this way.

My 2 queastions after viewing your presentation are:
1. What is the role of the teacher in the PLE model?

2. Is this model in any way elitist? Is there any way to ensure this new emerging norm, when it becomes institutionalised, does not lead to further marginalisation of already disenfranchised students who might be less digitally literate and have less access to high speed Internet?

I would be interested to discuss with you how to do research on the effectiveness of PLEs and what the mechanisms and effects are.

Hairyhound said…
Highly original and superb. I would love to show this to the students of Presentation Skills that I have.
Way 2 go! @ndy Chernel,UAA, FHS, TBU in Zlin, CZ
Till said…
Would you say the line between formal and informal learning can be seen as a differentiation between intrinsic and extrinsic motivated learning?

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