See you in Brisbane

Announcing an event that some will find irresistable...

We're holding the IFIP World Computer Congress at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20th to 23rd September, 2010. Each time it is held, the WCC event attracts expert presenters and thousands of delegates from around the globe. The congress combines content from commercial, industry, associations, and research sectors and so offers an extraordinary opportunity for showcasing and discovering innovative and leading ideas and approaches. The research, partner conference and industry content will be presented in eight unifying streams, which will host 18 world class IFIP Conferences and will partner with local and regional conferences in each stream. As well as the conferences and content, delegates at the World Computer Congress 2010 will be able to attend the Expo, enjoy technical tours of local research and commercial technology innovators and gain industry leading certifications and network with international peers and experts.

Papers are invited on your answers to questions including:

  • What do you consider to be the key competencies of the knowledge society?
  • How do you think key competencies could be attained through formal, non-formal or informal learning?
  • How do you envisage assessment of such competencies to raise learners’ efficacy and the acknowledgement of society?

The conference provides educationalists with an international forum where ideas, practical educational experiences, research and project-oriented work can be presented and discussed in a professional way in relation to the conference themes.

I hope to see you in Brisbane next September!

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