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I found a very readable article today on the use of blogs to promote critical reflection and community of practice for language teachers. Written by Shih-Hsien Yang, the paper appears in the open access journal Educational Technology and Society. It's good to see that research is being published into the serious educational/teacher professional development aspects of blogging.

Here's the link to the pdf and below is the abstract:

Using the theories of critical reflection and community of practice, the aim of this paper was to explore the use of blogs as a reflective platform in the training processes of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) student teachers, who were learning to teach English for future employment in Taiwan. They made use of blogs as a platform to critically reflect on their learning processes as well as to gauge the impact of blogs on their own professional growth. Forty-three student teachers in two teacher-education programs at two science and technology institutions in central Taiwan participated in this study. Two instructors created a blog for use as a discussion forum so that the student teachers could engage in and examine their own reflection process. The data collected was qualitative in nature, consisting of student teachers’ posting messages and comments on the blog, surveys on the student teachers’ reflective experiences using blogs as reflection tools, and group reflective dialogues recorded by instructors in class meetings over the implementation of blogs during the course. The results showed that the student teachers actively discussed teaching theories and their implications through blogs. All of the 43 teachers who took part in this study were reflective, and some critically reflected on their thoughts and made significant comments; and the participants considered technology a useful platform for reflecting and communicating with each other. The positive implications for the use of blogs as a medium to provide and promote critical reflection for EFL teachers are discussed.
Reference: Yang, S.-H. (2009). Using Blogs to Enhance Critical Reflection and Community of Practice. Educational Technology & Society, 12 (2), 11–21.

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Jam said…
I way down the knowledge food chain in regard to all of thoughts on this, but I am aiming to sue Twitter and blooging as a support network for students. aand use the data from this (if any) to go towards my MA in Academic Practice. I could do with so major hints and tips, where I can find some good info when doing a research review in this area.

Also, how on earth to you put a link on Twitter, yes that's where I'm up too


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