Once more with feeling....

Now I can take a breath and sit back (even if it's just for a few hours). The provisional programme for the 4th Plymouth e-Learning Conference is complete and has been posted onto the Conference Website. It's an exciting programme I think, and tops all the previous ones in both scope and depth. There are keynotes from Mike Blamires (Day 1) and Graham Attwell (Day 2) and an invited plenary presentation from Charles Oppenheim and Naomi Korn on Web2Rights. There are over 70 paper presentations dealing with such diverse subjects as using Web 2.0 tools in teaching (wikis, blogs, podcasting, Facebook, YouTube), papers on mobile technology, Second Life, the VLE vs the PLE debate, aggregation, transnational perspectives on e-learning, e-assessment and e-portfolios, audience response systems, collaborative content management, and even a paper on terrorism and the web! Delegates are attending from about 15 different countires as far away as Australia and New Zealand, as well as from all over Europe and the UK.

Tickets for the spectacular Conference Dinner, which will be held in the National Marine Aquarium on Plymouth's historic Barbican quayside are going fast. There will be 10 workshops presented over the two days (including ones on Twitter and mobile technologies) as well as some exciting leading edge demonstrations such as the 3D virtual immersion cinema. There will also be a full vendor exhibition across the two days. All this will take place in the amazing Roland Levinsky Building, in the heart of the university campus. Oh, and of course, there is the wonderful, non-fattening Devon Cream Tea on the afternoon of the final day. Throughout the event, delegates will be encouraged to twitter, blog and txt their thoughts, and we will aggregate all images, tweets etc, under the hashtag #pelc09. Should be fun. Looking forward to it. Come and join us. Hope you can make it.


EkC said…
Cool, thanks for sharing! Sounds like there are going to be a lot of interesting topics covered...It's crazy how far e-learning has come! I had a graduate class a couple of years ago on Visual Communications, and the teacher took an online approach to it, including having us experiment with Second Life. Furthermore, it's great how many education programs are offered online today! There are 3.5 million online classes currently in the U.S. Education and culture are ever-evolving, allowing people to never stop learning. EducationDynamics has a new video that encourages people to go back to school and continue their learning process. This video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDfew0YcDTo.


Emily (EducationDynamics)
EkC said…
Quick correction to my previous comment: 3.5 million *people* are taking online classes currently. Thanks!

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