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I was surprised and delighted to hear I had been nominated in two categories for this year's Edublog Awards - the 'Eddies'. I'm not sure exactly how this works, but apparently people post their nominations on their own blogs and fill out a form. These are then collated and posted onto the Edublogger Award site, after which there is a short period of voting and then the winners for each category are announced. There are 16 categories in total, including one for lifetime achievement.

I have been nominated for the best individual blog Eddie, along with several very notable bloggers including Ishmael Pena's ICTlogy blog, Sarah Stewart's Sarah's Musings, Kim Cofino's Always Learning and Newly Ancient (which has now ceased blogging I'm told).

I have also been nominated for the most influential blog post of the year for my Edupunk rant 'Monkey Business', which has received much attention in the form of responses, supplementary blog posts and even a live panel discussion which has since been podcast on James Clay's e-learning stuff. I am in competition here with the likes of Stephen Downes' mammoth post entitled 'The future of e-learning: Ten Years on' (which is actually more like several books chapters) and Jim Groom's 'The Glass Bees' post - also about Edupunk. I don't stand a chance against these guys to be perfectly frank, but it is very gratifying to be cited in the same company as all these splendid bloggers.

So get in there dear blog reader, and vote for your favourites at the Edublog Awards site! (You know you want to!)


Sarah Stewart said…
I don't have a chance either but it's fun being nominated. Good luck.

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