Unleash the anarchy

There has been fallout from my fringe presentation at ALT-C on Edupunk, and it's all very positive. Word has got out that Edupunk - the idea that self-organised learning is possible using digital tools that aren't sold by big companies such as BlackBoard - is relevant to the world of education, no matter how you package it. The assistant editor of Campus Wide Information Systems, one Simon Shurville (an old mate of mine) has got wind of the growing interest in this idea, and has invited me to guest edit a special issue for the journal on Edupunk. The journal's editorial advisory board boasts a number of other people I have rubbed shoulders with lately including Asher Rospigliosi (it was he who let the cat out of the bag - he attended my F-ALT rant, and told Simon), Steven Furnell, Mark Stiles, Scott Wilson, Rob Koper and Ken Fernstrom. Quite a galaxy, eh?

So there you have it. No going back now. I'm going to do it, but I need help from those who are interested in arguing for this thing we call Edupunk, or providing a searing counter-commentary against the idea that we can go outside the walled garden to unleash the anarchy of the web, and still remain this side of piracy.

So here is the call for papers - send your proposals and 300 word abstracts into me in the next couple of months. Don't pull any punches. No quarter given - say your piece. This is edupunk we're talking about! Summon up the blood.... and let slip the dogs of war!


Steven Egan said…
So, what do you mean by "proposals and 300 word abstracts"? I'm interested, and want to know what it is you are asking for. Too many braincells arguing over what the goal is leave few to achieve the goal, whatever that may be.
Steve Wheeler said…
At this stage I would like to know the level of interest in the special issue, to see if there will be enough copy to make it viable. So, a title, and a brief synopsis of the article proposed, up to 300 words. It can be a position piece, or an empirical study, or a narrative on the issues that surround VLEs and PLEs, capturing the current debate. I will then get back to accepted proposals and ask for a full paper of around 4000 words which will then go out to review.
Steven Egan said…
Thanks. Proposal written, sent and a blog post made about this.

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