The meme-ing of Edupunk

Nice to see that Jim Groom has picked up on my presentation yesterday at the Fringe event of ALT-C 2008, in Leeds. Jim has posted a version of my slide presentation up on his blog bavatuesdays and comments that he views Edupunk as more than just a meme that went awry. Jim agrees with my idea that we need to unleash the true potential - the 'anarchy' - of the web. This to challenge the restrictive structures (or should that be strictures) of institutional control so that learning can become truly student-centric.

What ever you think of the term 'edupunk', (and there was some opposition to this nomenclature at the F-ALT yesterday) there is a strong set of underlying principles that cannot be ignored - and do it yourself learning is here to stay. (Picture of Multi-me by Emma Duke-Williams)


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