The Lite goes on

I wrote yesterday that I had submitted a poem about the divide between the generations as a part of the workshop on the digital divide at ALT-C next week. Well isn't life interesting? My poem features the infamous Nintendo DS Lite. There is also a quip about Brain Training software. My son has a Nintendo DS. Both my daughters have one each (one is actually a lurid pink - the DS not my daughter). I even gave one to my wife for Christmas (look, stop it). But me.... I have never even touched one. Never felt the need to. Until today, that is.

This morning, sat smiling at me on top of my Faculty of Education standard issue desk, was a parcel. Contained therein was a free, spanking new, Nintendo DS Lite, complete with Brain Training software. Courtesy of HandHeld Learning 2008 - the conference that will be held in London in October. I had forgotten about it completely! Apparently if you registered as an early bird before the deadline, you were given one free to use at the conference. At the time I thought it was an excellent marketing ploy and an innovative idea. True to their promise, Handheld Learning sent me a DS Lite. Bummer. Now I will have to spend time getting to know how to use it. More time spent having to learn how to use these new fangled gadgets... I don't know. I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man.

Anyway, here's the link to the poem for you to (hopefully) enjoy.


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