This won't hurt a bit

I am in the process of ditching 10 years or more of accumulated junk from my office prior to our move across to the new Rolle Building, here on the main Plymouth campus.

You know what it's like - you come across something and think, shall I throw it out or shall I keep it? Well, I came across some old medical terms in some handouts from my days in the NHS and nurse training which I thought were interesting... So I'm throwing them out, but keeping them at the same time, because they now appear here on my blog...

Benign ... what you are after you be eight
Caesarean Section ... A district in Rome
Congenital ... friendly
Denial ... A river flowing through Egypt
Dilate ... to live longer than anyone else
Morbid ... a higher offer
Nitrate ... higher than the day rate
Node ... was aware of
Protein ... in favour of young people
Tumour ... an extra pair
Urine ... opposite to 'you're out'
Varicose veins ... veins which are very close together

There are some more which are just too darn rude to post on this very nice and inoffensive blog, but it makes you wonder. If that's the kind of handout they were giving out in the nurse training programmes, no wonder the NHS is in the state it's in...


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