SL in KL through Elluminate

There has been a change in strategy. I'm a little disappointed we can't use Second Life to do a Second Life panel - it would have been a challenge and quite risky due to technical limitations. So probably a bit 'adrenalined' (is that a word?). But the guys have made a sensible decision to use Elluminate instead, as it requires less bandwidth (we only have 2Mb ps in the hotel conference venue) and the audio and streaming media systems are superior and will be a little less prone to problems.

I'm looking forward to doing this session on Monday, at 0700 BST, but I'm not looking forward to the travelling. It will take me 4 hours to get to Heathrow and then there's the flight - it will take 19 hours to get from London to Kuala Lumpur, and that's before I get to passport control, the baggage carousel, customs, the taxi rank....

Anyone want to go in my place?


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