LYICT into shape

The LYICT (ICT and Learning for the Net Generation) Conference got off to a great start this morning with a keynote speech from the outgoing chair of IFIP Technical Committee 3 (Education) Jan Wibe. He spoke about the organisation that is the International Federation of Information Processing and pointed out that of all of the 13 Technical Committees, TC 3 (Education) is probably the least technical and the most socially and culturally sensitive. Jan touched on the subject of 'The Agora Approach'. Now let me briefly explain what all this is about shall I? Agora is a meeting place, and is conducted without chairs, where people move about and share ideas, argue and discuss, just like the ancient Greek market places. Some of the female delegates (pictured) are adding colour to the conference in their traditional constumes.

Later on this afternoon, I will be doing a joint panel session with some mates on Second Life - it's a bit of a re-heat of the panel presentation we did at Online Educa in Berlin last year, but this time with a difference. Only I will be physically present. The rest of the gang will be spread all over the place in their respective institutions, taking part via the Elluminate Live! Platform.


Billgates said…
Hi Steve,

Great job with your updated blog on LYICT 2008.

Hope to see more of your work now that you are the chair elect of WG3.6.

Richard, OUM, KL

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