Fascination and boredom

One last reference to my delayed flight home earlier this week, and then I won't mention it ever ever again, I promise. I wanted to make a comment about the in-flight movie. It was the most boring film I have ever seen. There was no dialogue, no sound track. There were no actors in the film. I don't even know who directed it. It consisted of a tiny white plane flying painfully slowly across oceans and mountain ranges. It went on for hours and hours, and I confess I slept through some of it. Yet in a perverse way it was as fascinating as it was boring. I found myself gazing at it for long periods of time, in case something unusual happened in the 'plot'. Like an engine falling off. Or the plane suddenly disappearing into empty space. But no, the movie continued for 10 monotonous hours. There were no twists or turns in the plot. I won't be watching that movie again.

More interesting by far, it seems, are the two blog links I have been sent today by my new best buddy Flea Palmer (makes good tea too). One is the EDALT and Faculties Learning Technology Projects page, detailing what the blighters do with all their time. The other is the central Learning Technology Team Blog which contains random jottings and thoughts about learning technology, teaching and Web 2.0.

Much more interesting than an in-flight movie, and certainly more informative. IMHO.


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