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Well we did it. And it worked. Last time I was that nervous was when my (first) wife kept me waiting at the altar for 20 minutes over the odds, while her chauffer searched for a place to park. We are still married 22 years later, don't worry. Today was a technological success, where we linked 5 people together using Elluminate and managed a slightly flakey audio system in a very large and echoey hotel ballroom in Kuala Lumpur. I also did a successful in-world demonstration of Second Life for the LYICT Conference delegates here in Malaysia.

Graham Attwell (Pontydysgu) moderated the panel session from his eyrie in Bremen, Germany, whilst David White came in from Oxford to talk about design issues in SL, Helen Keegan spoke from Salford about augmented reality and mixing SL and real life, and Steven Warburton, who was in London, gave a presentation on the barriers to collaboration and participation in MUVEs. They all got up at a sickeningly early hour to participate due to the time zone difference. And it couldn't have gone any better, thanks to stirling support from the local technical team here in Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to all concerned, for making this a memorable and enjoyable experience. A lot could have gone wrong, and I was a little worried about it, I admit. But is shows that you can take risks and it sometimes pays off. Next time, perhaps we will use Second Life as the presentation platform. When we have plucked up enough courage....


Sigi said…
Hi Steve, always very interesting and entertaining your reports from all over the world. You ARE lucky, do not complain about long flights - yes, I know one could do without it- but we can't teleport ourselves yet in real life- would solve a lot of problems though:-). Anyway enjoy these opportunities to meet with people who are on the move to grab the future- I do envy you for that!!!
BTW: your marriage stories are very nice- you should write a story about the initial obstacles - might get your story to a movie plot ;-)
Did Graham already award you the title of an Edupunk??? He'll have another broadcast tonight on that..
Take care, enjoy the lovely food!
Steve Wheeler said…
Lovely food for sure, and I even had chicken curry for breakfast this morning. First and last time, believe me. I guess I am an edupunk of sorts - I have the spikey hair and the attitude anyway.

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