Emerging Mondays

I'm taking part in a live podcast on Monday evening for Pontydysgu using Skype direct from my new wireless laptop, if I can get the blasted software to download.

I'm going to be talking about social software and open content for e-learning, and will be in conversation with the show's host, Graham Attwell. This was a session I agreed to do with Graham earlier this week whilst attending the Edumedia conference in Salzburg. Graham has already posted an invitation on his JISC Emerge site and I see the show will also feature Jay Cross from Internet Times who will be talking about informal learning, Hank Horkoff from Chinese Pod in Shanghai on personal Learning Environments and language teaching and learning and a 'culture spot' with the Last Poet in Oxford (I suspect it's George Roberts, but one can never be certain).

Just one thing though, Graham. I'm not from Plymouth College (it doesn't exist anymore and I left there over 12 years ago). I'm now working for the University of Plymouth.... Oh, it doesn't bode well at all.....


Sigi said…
Hi Steve, will try to listen to Graham's Bazaar radio show tonight and keep my fingers crosssed for both of you that technique won't let you down..
I also had an interview there and it worked fine - I had called it the Guerrilla Network Radio - as I sometimes feel like one - fighting "old School" all alone - after Salzburg though I'm confident again... so enjoy it!!!!
Andrew said…
This must have been an interesting show.. it is a pitty i have missed it :(

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