Highlights by Richard

No, this is not a hair salon advert. There is some really useful commentary and reflection from Richard Hall (De Montfort University) on the highlights of the recent Plymouth e-Learning Conference, held on April 4th. Richard says:

"I had a really nice time last Friday, at the Plymouth e-Learning conference. Okay, it helped that the weather was great and that I was by the seaside, and that I love the train journey past the Cotswolds, through Bristol and along the coast beyond Exeter. However, the setting for the day, in the Roland Levinsky building, was excellent - an impressive use of building materials fused with a dynamic shape in the heart of the city. Plus, I met some really nice people - lots of smiling (I wonder if it's the sea air), and took away a few ideas."

Thanks for the feedback Richard - a great endorsement! Hope to see you, and many others at next year's Plymouth e-Learning Conference on April 23-24th....


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