Not a fan of spam

All you ever needed to know about spam, but were afraid to ask is on the BBC news site today. It's 15 years since Joel Furr first applied the old Monty Python sketch term to unsolicited e-mails. It's one of those things we all seem to put up with, and no one seems to complain about anymore. Anti-spam software doesn't seem to work. If you reply, they know they have a 'live one'.

When I used to receive junk mail from insurance or credit card companies, my response was to simply bundle up the contents, stuff them all into the pre-paid return envelope and send it back. The junk mailer then had to pay twice for the privilege of discovering that I wasn't interested. The junk mail soon stopped coming.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could do the same thing to spammers as I do when I received junk mail? Send it staright back to them with interest (say 1000 copies) and clog up their freakin' mailbox??? Patricia Wallace - in her book 'The Psychology of the Internet' says that getting rid of spam is the psychological equivalent of 'weeding the garden'. Well, I have to 'weed my garden' every day. If anyone has a solution I think we should all be told....


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