Petrol, passports and papaya

I'm not happy. I noticed this morning that my petrol gauge was low, so on my way into the office I visited our drive-in garage. The forecourt notice announced that the garage was 'closed due to a technical fault'.

OK. I decided to drive-out of the drive-in and drive back in to fill up later. When the 'technical fault' was resolved. During lunch break I walked into town to grab some passport application forms at our walk-in post-office. All eight (yes 8) shelves labelled 'Passport Application Forms' were empty. Would you believe it? Not a single form. Just a paperclip.

The final straw fluttered silently down onto my shoulder tonight. I was at my local supermarket (name withheld to protect the guASDAilty). I searched high and low. My favourite tinned papaya fruit was not on the shelves! 'Don't do them no more' muttered a spotty youth behind the information desk through a mouthful of bubble gum. He was probably suffering from a technical fault.

What is going on? Nothing I need is available. To cap it all, even my internet connection curled up its toes for a couple of hours earlier this evening, so this blog post has been delayed due to my computer taking leave of its line. No. Normal service will not be resumed as soon as possible. The wheels are coming off - and it's all because everything is becoming far too complicated I think. When I was born my father never had cause to complain to his Internet Service Provider. When I was at school in the 60s living in Gibraltar, we never had interrupted satellite transmissions due to torrential rain. And I only ever once suffered a spam attack when I was in college (and that was in the canteen). Things were so simple then, and they are so complicated now.

I've had enough. I'm off to bed - if it's still available....


Karyn Romeis said…
We regret no comments can be made at this time due to a technical fault. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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