Small, but perfectly formed

I'm just back this evening from 'The Networks, Communities and Learning: Show that you Share' conference hosted at the University of Utrecht, Holland by the Bazaar Network. It was for me, an excellent experience, and well worth the effort to attend, even though I got lost in Utrecht and wandered around trying to find my hotel in freezing temperatures for over 30 minutes when the bus driver dropped me off 2 stops away from my destination! It truly was 'show that you share' when a Dutch car-park attendant helped me to find a taxi, and offered to share his coffee with me. All I can say is: "Dank u wel, Mijnheer!"

So, along with 40 or so other delegates, I participated in Bazaar's final conference - a small and intimate event. The sessions focused on subjects such as Personal Learning Environments, Open Education Resources, Metatagging and Interoperability, and Data Security - all explored by experts and students alike. For those who stayed to the end, a fullsome summary was given by several of the delegates, who had participated in round tables and workshops from myself, as well as Helen Keegan (University of Salford, UK), Josie Fraser (EdTechUK), Wolfgang Greller (Open University, NL), Veronica Hornung (University of Salzberg, AT) and Marco Kalz (Open University, NL).

Tomorrow, when I have had more time to reflect, I will write a summary of all the key points that emerged from this final Bazaar event. In the meantime though, there are some useful summaries already up online, including Pierre Gorrison's blog (in Dutch) and in English, and some great Flickr photos that captured the whole day, from Helen Keegan and Wytze Koopal.


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