Presents of mind

So we're only two sleeps from Christmas day, and already I know what I'm getting. My darling wife has only gone out and bought me an iPhone, hasn't she!? I can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on it to see exactly what it can do and whether it will live up to all the hype(rbole). Someone has published a book about the iPhone, calling it the 'best little gadget ever made'. Well, we shall see, but when I tried one on in the shop, it fit me like a glove, and I was instantly hooked. (Sorry about the mixed metaphors, but hey - it's Christmas!)

There are several interesting blogs out there that focus solely on gadgets, including Ngadgeti, the Gadget Blog and probably the most eclectic - Engadget. Each provides its own style of review, and some may be fronts for commercial outfits, but it's only when you get your hands on the device that you know for certain how good it is. So give me a few days to wade through all the gift wrappings, tinsel and re-runs of the Great Escape, and I will let you know. Have a happy Christmas and try not to overindulge!


Cristina Costa said…
An iPhone...awsome!
They do look really nice...rather expensive still...but rather nice too!
keep us posted about it.

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