It's i-JIM ... but not as we know it

A new online journal - The "International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies" (i-JIM) has just been published at: .... I've just had a glance over the contents and there is some interesting reading in there. Prime mover behind this new resource is Michael Auer, whom I had the pleasure to meet and talk to at the recent ICL conference in Villach Austria. Here's the table of contents...
  • Web-based Context-Aware m-Learning Architecture (Eisa Basaeed, Jawad Berri, Jamal Zemerly, Rachid Benlamri)
  • Contextual Mobile Learning: A Step Further to Mastering Professional Appliances (Bertrand T David, Rene Chalon, Olivier Champalle, Guillaume Masserey, Chuantao Yin)
  • An Approach to Ad-hoc Messaging Networks Using Time Shifted Propagation (Christoph Fuchß, Stefan Stieglitz, Oliver Hillmann, Christoph Lattemann)
  • Evaluation Methods on Usability of M-Learning Environments (Teresa Magal-Royo, G. Peris-Fajarnes, I. Tortajada Montanana, B. Defez Garcia)
  • Mobile e-learning course scenario model on PDA (Jeanne Schreurs)
  • Potentials and Challenges of Mobile Media in Museums (Daniel Wessel, Eva Mayr)
  • Factors that may contribute to the establishment of mobile learning in institutions: Results from a Survey (Olaf Zawacki-Richter, Tom Brown, Rhena Delport)


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