Going Dutch

I have been invited to speak at the Networks, Communities and Learning Conference Bazaar at the University of Utrecht, in Holland on December 14th. Bazaar is a European funded project which seeks to support the development of a community around Open Source Software for education and open content development or Open Educational Resources. Bazaar has organised a series of 'Show Me' days around Europe, and this is the latest one. The subtitle to the Bazaar event is 'show that you share' and it looks like being a very interesting event. My own session is entitled: 'Use of wikis to promote a culture of sharing', whilst other invited speakers in the international lineup include:

Graham Attwell, Organiser (Personal learning environments) - pictured above left in contemplative mood, Josie Fraser, UK (Social networking services and social search), Helen Keegan, UK (THINKing and UNDERSTANDing the internet), Marco Kalz, Holland (Developing open educational resources), Veronika Hornung, Austria (Creating and sharing open educational resources) and George Bekiaridis, Greece (The future of leaning management systems).

Graham, Helen and I will be meeting up at Online Educa Berlin two weeks before this event, to present a join panel session on the educational uses of Second Life.


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