FaceBook research - your help needed

Anyone who is using FaceBook, for whatever purposes, and especially those who are being wrapped up ever tighter in its nefarious and slippery coils - this is a call out to you for help. I'm doing some research at the moment into how FB is being used, what people (especially teachers, lecturers and students) think of it, and what benefits and pitfalls they think it has. If you would like to take part, here's the short, 10 question survey:

1 What is your job title?
2 Why did you first subscribe to FaceBook?
3 What are the main reasons for using FaceBook now?
4 What specialist networks have you joined?
5 How regularly do you use FaceBook?
6 What other social networking sites do you use?
7 How do you use FaceBook in educational practice?
8 What benefits do you think FaceBook can bring to students?
9 What problems do you think FaceBook brings to education?
10 Any other comments you wish to add…

You can post your answers to me at my e-mail address here at the University of Plymouth. (It goes without saying that your answers and any personal details you provide will be kept secure/confidential and if I use your comments in any reports or publications, they will be anonymised). Signed: Mr X.

Thank you very much for your time. No, really. I mean it.


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