Quintura eats it up

OK, so you've tried Google, and probably keep going back, or maybe you even made your own iGoogle Home page, yep? Me too. You probably also know about tag clouds and how as you use certain key search words, these get larger and those that don't get used shrink? Ever used a swiki? It's a search engine that acts as a wiki space, so that everyone who uses it can add their own knowledge ... and the swiki learns. Swikis have a useful visual element.

Well, I stumbled across Quintura today, and I must say I am quite impressed. It's totally visual. Go check it out for yourself. It presents you with a general tag cloud to begin with. You click on the word or phrase of your choice and it creates a second tag cloud with your key word in the middle. All the other key words associated with it are in its orbit, near to the centre if they are closely associated, more distant if they are less closely associated with it. There are even hyperlinked icons floating about. Hover over the key word and lo and behold, in the right hand column it coughs up all the hits it can find. Excellent. Best search engine I've seen yet. Google may need to revise its front end search system if it wants to match this service. Let me know what you think...

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