Not so Technocrappi after all....

I'm grateful to Technorati for finally fixing my blog statistics. It has been quite a while and I first blogged about the saga way back in March. My blog reactions (for the uninitiated, those other blogs that think my site is so cool that they cannot resist linking to it from theirs) and my ranking (the Technorati scale you rise up through as more blogs link to yours... it's all rather complicated really) were simply not registering. I went to the blog regularly, but my outpourings were sinking without trace!

I tried everything, sent message after message, and even started to seek out tall buildings... In the end I resorted to a bit of pestering in the right area - directly onto the Technorati help forum itself. After three messages and a great deal of irony (some might called it sarcasm, but what do they know?) I managed to grab the attention of one of the Technorati cogniscenti (does this sound Latin?) to come in and fix my blog.

Hooray! I now have a Technorati authority rating of 11 - that will impress all the traffic cops around my neighbourhood. They wouldn't dare touch me now. "Do you know what speed you were doing sir?" "No, but I have a Technorati rating of 11!" "Oh. Sorry to bother you sir..."

Now I can go on holiday secure in the knowledge that my blog is fully functioning and regular, and has a clean bill of health. Right. Now who do I contact to fix this cold, changeable, crappy British weather? Brrrrrrrrrrrr.


liv said…
I saw your post on the Technorati help board, and let's just say you're far more generous than I am. Their explanations still seem flimsy at best to me, and my Authority continues to decline even as blog reactions increase... good luck, and keep tabs on them!
swheeler said…
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swheeler said…
Hi Liv - I guess I'm an old softie at heart - I only had to wait 6 months to get seen by Technocrappi. Here in the UK, you have to wait a little longer than that to be seen by a doctor when you have a chronic illness. I can't help but thinking though, looking at all the anguished angst-filled pleas for help that are going unanswered on the Technocrappi help board that they are making a rod for their own back and people will simply vote with their mouse in due time. Perhaps Google will provide a more efficient solution for the blogosphere.... who knows?
Tony Budak said…
Hi Steve,

Just thought that you would find this tech gizmo of interest.

With Respect and Cheers,
Tony Budak

"Failure is impossible" - Susan B. Anthony

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